Chemical Products Storage and Preparation

Chemical Products Storage and Preparation

SIMPEC realizes for its Customers chemical products storage and preparation sections safely.

  • Powder storage silos (lime, coal)
  • Solution preparation tanks (from powders and liquids)
  • Storage tanks with double containment wall
  • Anti-dust systems
  • Loading and Recognition Systems
  • Safety storage in according with current law
  • Dosing systems
  • We also market some specific chemical products

We specifically design storage, dosing, preparation, transfer and weighing systems of materials or chemicals products to ensure maximum protection for operators in compliance with safety regulations for work environments.

We market chemicals products and agents specifically for water treatment and purification

  • Secure chemical products storage
  • Dosing systems
  • Automatic preparation units
  • Manual preparation units
  • Powders storage units¬†
  • Anti-powder system devices
  • Transfer system
  • Big-bag emptying system
  • Chemical products recognition systems
  • Scrubber for fumes and gas treatment
  • Mixing system
  • Storage tanks
  • Security leakage tanks
  • Cisternate leakge systems
  • Operator protection devices

Simpec also markets:

  • polyelectrolyte – flocculants (powder and liquid)
  • coagulants
  • bactericides and anti-algae products
  • defoamers
  • supernatant hydrated lime for purification
  • anti-scalding and membrane cleaning products
  • granular active charcoal and powder with water-soluble bags
  • ion exchange resins
  • quartzites and hydroanthracites
  • adsorbing products for potable
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