Waste water treatment plants / chemical physical and biological

Wastewater treatment plants

Our experience is available to Customers for the construction of wastewater treatment plants and purification plants according to current regulations and the country of reference.

  • Physical chemical purification plants (continuous and discontinued by batch)
  • Biological purification plants (active sludge, nitro denitro, oxidation)
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants from various production processes
  • Liquid waste disposal platforms for third parties and percolated treatment

We design and build wastewater treatment plants for industrial discharges of any size.

Thanks to our innovative process technologies, our treatment plants are able to meet environmental law standards by purifying the waters from the main pollutants (heavy metals, COD, BOD, oils and fats, surfactants, sulfates, chlorides, fluorides, etc.). )

Among the main fields of application of our plants are the treatment of water arising from metal finishing processes and industrial processes in general. Plants for the treatment of meteoric waters, groundwater, waste dump and wastewater from biogas production. We also carry out purification plants for the mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our plants, acting both through physical processes and by biological processes, guarantee a high yield to simple maintenance and low consumption.

Our technical staff is able to study with you the feasibility of the system and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Continuous and discontinuous physical/chemical plants and Biological plants

  • Industrial discharge treatment
  • Water recovery and reuse
  • Systems with partial discharge
  • Zero discharge plants
  • Heavy metal abatement plants
  • Discharges from surface treatments
  • Waste dump treatment
  • Treatment of waste from biogas production (digestion treatment)
  • Reduction of the nitrogen load from livestock reflux
  • Soil water treatment and contaminated sites
  • Rain water treatment plants
  • SBR (sequential batch reactor) plants
  • MBR (bioreactor membranes) plants
  • Nitro-denitro biological plants
  • Organic oxidation plants

Water and wastewater depuration takes place through a combination of technologies and processes needed to remove the pollutants contained therein.
Simpec builds two main types of wastewater treatment plants: chemical/physical purification plants (continuous and discontinuous batch) and biological purification plants.

In many situations, the two types of plants can coexist for the treatment of wastewater.
The purified water can be discharged into surface water or drainage or alternatively, if possible technically and economically, reused in the production process by installing dedicated equipment (evaporation, osmosis, ultrafiltration, etc.)

Continuous and discontinuous chemical-physical plants

Chemical-physical plants make the pollutants insoluble by the use of chemical products and subsequently they separate the insoluble part (sludge) from the water (physical process).
The main parts of the chemical-physical plants are:

  • Disoilation (oil removal)
  • Acidification
  • Coagulation
  • Adsorption
  • Decomplexation (complex destruction)
  • Neutralization
  • Flocculation
  • Sedimentation/ decantation
  • Sludge filtration
  • Cleaned water final filtration
  • Quartzite filtration
  • Granular active carbon filtration
  • Filtration by selective resins (for heavy metals)

In the presence of pollutants such as chromium and cyanide, chromium dechromatation/ Chrome 6+ reduction and cyanide removal sections are added.

Biological plants

Biological plants consist of a process that has as the main protagonists communities of living organisms (bacteria).
The action of different microbial populations and in cooperation between them leads to the degradation of the pollutants present in the waters.
The development and growth of these bacteria are determined by the organic substance contained in the reflux to be purified.
The main phases of biological plants are:

  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification
  • Oxidation
  • Flocculation
  • Sedimentation / Decantation
  • Sludge filtration
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