SIMPEC designs, constructs and installs water treatment plants with its own qualified personnel.

Our company has an internal workshop for the production and assembly of the supplied systems, warehouse of first-aid items and stock of specific chemicals.

We also provide scheduled technical assistance. We provide remote control, teleservice, supervision and iCloud systems.

We supply turnkey plants, taking care of all the development stages of the order, from the order acquisition to the packaging and the subsequent shipment to the Customer’s headquarter.


The design and study phase of a water treatment plant is part of the technical-commercial area where, once the data and the necessary information are collected in collaboration with the customer, the plant solution is defined according to the real technical and economic requirements / customer’s management.

The preliminary study allows the customer to receive technical and economic information about the implant in question, as well as a layout of equipment and management costs.

The detail design is followed by the technical department (prime contractor), under the supervision of a technical manager and an electrical / automation manager.

SIMPEC’s investments in research provide solutions to complex problems as well as the best applicable technologies (BATs).


The construction and assembling of the plants is carried out within our workshop by qualified and qualified personnel.

The implementation phases are under the supervision and supervision of the production manager who works closely with the project leaders, the electrical / automation manager, the technical manager and the head of the workshop in order to achieve safe, reliable and quality plants.

Installations or plant sections and control and automation panels, prior to shipment, are tested internally and, if required, are subject to FAT under the supervision of the Customer.
Plants comply with local and national regulations in force.

Our systems use anti-corrosive plastic materials such as PP / PE / PVC-U / PVC-C (welding or bonding materials). We also manufacture pipes and artifacts in SS304 – SS316 and special steels.


Technicians employed in the assembly, installation, start up and testing at Customer’s site are part of our qualified personnel with mechanical, chemical and electrical skills.

The staff is able to perform specific machining, as well as to use special equipment and handling machinery.
The staff is constantly trained, educated and up-to-date with training and security training.

After the installation phase, the plants are started, calibrated and tested and the Customer’s staff is trained (on-site training) for optimum unit management.
Test certificates, user and maintenance manuals, component technical attachments and CE certification are also issued.


Simpec provides scheduled technical assistance with periodic intervention (weekly and monthly) and call service.

Thanks to the staff dedicated to this service and to a large spare part warehouse, we provide a quick and efficient service.

We also offer H24 telephone, teleservice, supervisory and remote control service via portable devices, Customer Desktop and directly from our offices.

Assistance staff is equipped with a fully equipped vehicle with spare parts, calibration and analysis instruments.

We carry out commissioning, start-up, I / O testing and training services at the Customer’s Headquarters with our qualified staff.


The strengths of our services are certainly the systems for controlling, managing and automating our water treatment plants. The high degree of automation of our plants and systems enables us to install the latest generation of supervision and control systems to support the customer in the management of water treatment plants.

The remote control of the facilities at our headquarters allows us to continuously monitor the state of the system and to intervene with any updates or software changes directly from our headquarters, thus reducing the time and, above all, intervention costs.

Supervisory systems allow the customer to have a complete, intuitive and immediate vision of the installation, simplifying their management.

With the teleservice service, the customer can receive messages and emails with alerts and alarms, directly on cell phones / smartphones in general.

Our revolutionary iCloud system allows us to view the status of water treatment facilities through smartphones or PCs. Customer has credentials to access iCloud platform to view the HMI panel and its variables in any area of the world.