Special plants, evaporation, recovery and purification

Evaporation, special plants, recovery and purification

Our experience in the water treatment industry allows us to be a benchmark even in the development of non-standard systems and special palnts designed and developed at Customer’s request.

  • Evaporation and Concentration (single and multiple effects)

  • Zero discharge and partial discharge system

  • Oil removal, screening and sand removal

  • Cation-removal (Ion exchange)

Simpec manufactures plants for specific purification treatments that are not part of ordinary treatment systems.

Special Plants

These installations require a more detailed design analysis and our experienced team technicians allow us to offer you a specific and innovative solution for your water treatment.

We also manufacture systems for the abatement and / or recovery of heavy metals or solutions and substances such as chromium and nickel, nitrites and nitrogen.

  • EvaporatorsImpia and Vacuum Concentrators (heat pump and hot water)
  • Crystallizers
  • Zero discharge plants
  • Total or partial recovery plants
  • Systems for water recovery in production processes
  • Disoilation systems – Disoileators
  • Grate systems
  • Sand removal units
  • Pilot unit
  • Heavy metal removal system
  • Solution purification and recovery plants (chrome, nickel)
  • Decantization plants with specific resins
  • Chemical dilution plants
  • Emulsions and penetrant liquids treatment plants
  • COD reduction plants
  • Specific installations for the reduction of ammonia
  • Nitrate reduction system
  • Nitrogen reduction plants
  • Digested treatment
  • Disinfection and absolute filtration

Simpec manufactures facilities for specific treatments and special requests of the Customer.

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